In December of 1982, Trevor Boyce moved from Natal Midlands, Pietermaritzburg, to Tzaneen to start up Lowveld Labels in partnership with Mr Johnny Boekee and Mr Diek Schoeman. The business opened in January 1983 in a factory at Nkowakowa, with a small dark room and camera in the art department , a slitting machine and one 3 colour flexographic machine out in the factory.

Mr Boyce together with two unskilled African men was responsible for production whilst Mr Boekee was in charge of sales and Mr Schoeman controlled the financial and administrative end of the business. Mr Boyce was personally responsible for everything – from origination, design, artwork, paper slitting, printing, rewinding and dispatch.

At the end of the first year Mr Boyce bought out the partners and Mrs Boyce joined him in the business. Together they built up the business and later included their son-in-law Rui Freitas on the management team. In 2000 they bought their present premises and moved into town where the business has continued to grow into a multi million rand turnover company.

Lowveld Labels currently employs 17 (permanent) people and has become fully computerized and mechanized. Gone are the days of hand drawn designs and lectra set wording. We now have 7 colour printers, 1 colour, 2 & 8 colour printing with plans to expand our capacity even further. Rowan Deacon joined the Company in September 2010 and takes the position of General Manager. Our client base is primarily from Limpopo Province and includes both the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. The majority of our customers are of long standing and the turnover is based on many repeat orders.